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1977 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Anti-Theft Alarm System Interim Modifications

Subject:   Anti-Theft Alarm System Interim Modifications
Model and Year:   1977 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   77-I-38
Section:   XII
Date:    May 1977


Several modifications to the 1977 Corvette anti-theft alarm system were introduced into production effective March 21, 1977 with VIN 1Z37X7S427373.  These modifications are as follows:

  • The actuating switch for the system is no longer located on the left front fender.  It has been incorporated into the left front door lock and must be activated by locking this door with the key from outside of the vehicle (Figure 1).  This is the only way the alarm can be set.  Turning the inside door knob to the locked position when exiting the vehicle will not activate the alarm system.
  • The anti-theft alarm system horn has been moved from the left rear inner fender to the far left side of the engine compartment dash panel. (Figure 2).
  • The anti-theft alarm system flasher assembly is now located on the console trim plate (Figure 3), rather than the rear compartment underbody panel.
  • The new anti-theft alarm system wiring diagram is illustrated in Figure 4.

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1977 Corvette Anti-Theft Alarm System Changes

1977 Corvette Anti-Theft Alarm System Changes

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