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GM Press Release: August 1, 1997: 1998 Corvette Convertible Returns to Route 66

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General Motors Media Press Release

FOR RELEASE:  August 1, 1997
CONTACT:  Chevrolet Communications
Phone: 1-800-CHEVY-MI 0r 810-492-8841
Fax: (810) 492-8853

‘98 Corvette Convertible Returns to Route 66

WARREN, Mich. — In mid-September, 1997, a caravan of ‘98 Corvette Convertibles will head across the country for a nostalgic drive down U.S. Highway 66 -- better known to most Americans as “Route 66.” This landmark event -- known as Corvette’s “Return to the Road” -- marks the first major public appearance by the ‘Vette Convertible, the newest iteration of the fifth generation Corvette introduced in January.

The caravan of Corvettes will travel the entire 2,400 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, with stops along the way to meet with the media and Corvette fans. The trip down “The Mother Road” gets its inspiration from the early 60’s TV show “Route 66”, which starred a ‘61 Corvette Convertible.

“Corvette and Route 66 have a lot in common,” said Dick Almond, Corvette brand manager. “They’re both American originals. And they both symbolize things we celebrate in America -- fun, freedom and individuality.”

Route 66 doesn’t appear on most maps. But in the minds and hearts of many Americans, Route 66 is and always will be “America’s Main Street.” At one time, Route 66 was one of the country’s best known thoroughfares. The small towns, tourist traps and quirky attractions along the way made Route 66 a destination in itself.

“The Corvette Convertible has a mystique that no other car can match,” said Almond. “The idea of taking off down the open road in a ‘ragtop’ Corvette is a dream just about anyone can relate to. This is more than just a ‘Return to the Road’ -- it’s a return to a carefree way of life that has always been at the heart of the Corvette brand.”

According to Almond, interest is growing as the date of the caravan draws near. Local celebrities, journalists, city officials and Corvette Club members have all expressed interest in being a part of the history-making event.

“Even before we really began publicizing the event, word began to leak out” said Almond. “Our program headquarters has received dozens of calls and e-mails, some from as far away as Bogota, Colombia and Kent, England.”

Chevrolet personnel, local dignitaries and select journalists will be driving the cars. Owners of vintage Corvettes who want to follow the caravan can find out more about Chevrolet’s plans by contacting the Corvette “Return to the Road” headquarters at 1-800-336-6038 (or by fax at 1-800-663-7145).

GM Press Release: August 1, 1997: 1998 Corvette Convertible Returns to Route 66

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