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GM Press Release: April 15, 1997: GM Introduces Corvette Care Kit

General Motors Media Press Release

FOR RELEASE:  April 15, 1997
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GM Introduces Corvette Care Kit

DETROIT — General Motors Service Parts Operations (SPO) is developing a complete line of vehicle care products and vehicle care kits for the automotive enthusiast. According to Michael Fellberg, SPO’s general product manager for vehicle care products, “Our goal is to provide world-class vehicle care products which the consumer can trust to perform. These products have been reviewed and approved by GM engineers to assure optimum performance and vehicle appearance.”

“The first of our new vehicle care kits is aimed at the Corvette enthusiast,” says Jane A.

Schwartz, SPO’s marketing manager for vehicle care products. We know Corvette owners take tremendous pride not only in the performance of their vehicle, but in its appearance as well. They want to keep their Corvettes’ paint finish in mint condition, and now we’ve designed a special Corvette Care Kit just for them.”

Available at GM dealerships, the new Corvette Care Kit comes in a black leather-like bag featuring the new ‘97 Corvette logo. The kit features four GM vehicle care products--GM Goodwrench Wax-Treated Polishing Cloth, Cleaner Wax, Glass Cleaner and Finish Enhancer--along with a GM Vehicle Care Products brochure and a coupon good for $2 off a GM Goodwrench Quick Lube Plus oil change. Schwartz notes that the vehicle care products in the kit are in regular-sized containers--not sample sizes.

The GM Goodwrench Wax-Treated Polishing Cloth is a heavy-napped cotton flannel which applies a fine, protective shine to the vehicle’s surface. Cleaner Wax easily removes light surface scratches and contaminants, while protecting the vehicle’s finish with maximum vibrancy and deep gloss.

Finish Enhancer helps keep the vehicle’s surface clean between car washes. By applying a light mist to the finish and gently removing with a cotton terry cloth towel, the vehicle retains a just-washed look.

The pleasantly scented, foamy, non-streaking, GM Goodwrench Glass Cleaner quickly removes dirt, grime, cigarette smoke and finger prints.

Schwartz says these four vehicle care products were selected for the Corvette Care Kit because they can provide Corvette owners with a fast and easy way to keep their vehicles looking showroom new.

“The new Corvette Care Kit is the first of what we expect to be many kits tailored to a prominent GM vehicle brand,” she explains. “Drivers select a GM vehicle brand that best fits their taste and lifestyle, and many are interested in vehicle care products with that same brand designation. We’re intent on providing our customers with the right part, at the right time and right price, and we believe this extends to providing them with the right vehicle care products packaged to match the GM vehicle brand they’ve chosen.”

The Corvette Care Kit is part number 12378112. The products in the kit can also be purchased separately at GM dealerships: GM Goodwrench Wax-Treated Polishing Cloth - part number 994954, Cleaner Wax - part number 12377966, Finish Enhancer - part number 12377964 and GM Goodwrench Glass Cleaner - part number 1050427. “These products are part of an extensive line of high quality GM vehicle care products available at GM dealerships, with more scheduled to join the line later this year,” adds Schwartz.

SPO, headquartered in Flint, Mich., markets automotive replacement parts and accessories worldwide under the GM and ACDelco brand names. SPO also provides inventory consultation and recommendations for improvement in parts, accessories and service merchandising under the GM Goodwrench Service banner. For more information, visit the ACDelco “On The Edge” web site at and the GM Goodwrench Service “Cyberbay” at .

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