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GM Press Release: January 6, 1997: 1997 Chevrolet Corvette Boasts Great Value

General Motors Media Press Release

FOR RELEASE:  January 6, 1997
CONTACT:  Chevrolet Motor Division Communications
Phone:  1-800-CHEVY-MI
Fax:  (810) 492-8853

1997 Chevrolet Corvette Boasts Great Value

DETROIT — Today, Chevrolet announced a Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $38,060 (including DFC) for its 1997 Corvette, America’s all-new, premiere sports car which adds more than $1,200 worth of premium standard equipment yet is only $270 more than its 1996 predecessor ($37,790 MSRP).

The announcement was made at Chevrolet’s news conference at the North American International Auto Show.

"Chevrolet’s definition of value doesn’t change, whether the vehicle is a Metro, Lumina, Blazer, Tahoe -- or Corvette," said John G. Middlebrook, Chevrolet General Manager.

Chevrolet enhanced Corvette’s impressive value by adding more than $1,200 worth of premium standard equipment at MSRP for 1997, including:

  • Uplevel radio with premium Bose speakers.
  • Low pressure warning system for tires.
  • Driver’s power seat.
  • Speed sensitive steering.
  • Extended mobility ("run flat") tires.

"Corvette is Chevrolet’s technological and image showcase," said Middlebrook, "so the standard equipment additions tell only part of the 1997 Corvette story."

Engineers made changes and improvements in several areas for ‘97. Here are a few examples:

  • Refined "Human Factors." Interior and exterior spaces have been refined, improving all of the areas where the driver interacts with the vehicle. This includes improving door openings for easier entry and exit; providing more interior room and more rear cargo space; and improving seat comfort, pedal feedback, road feel, and the feel and location of switches and controls.
  • Far More Rigid Structure. Corvette’s body structure is a simpler, more rigid design that enables Corvette’s improvements in space and "human factors." It also means greater durability. The 1997 Corvette uses 34 percent fewer parts and is lighter than its predecessor. The rigid structure helps Corvette establish new plateaus in virtually every category -- ride and handling, comfort, quality, space and technology.
  • Enhanced Performance. In wind tunnel testing, Corvette had 0.29 CD, the lowest coefficient of drag of any car produced in North America (except GM’s own electric vehicle) and the best in the world among high-end sports cars. A new 5.7-liter small block V8 engine delivers 345 horsepower and 350 lbs.-ft. torque- more than the optional ‘96 LT4 engine.
  • Corvette Styling. From the dual-pod dashboard, to the quad taillamps and concealed headlamps, to the side air scoop, the new Corvette looks like a Corvette -- a requirement which customers validated during every phase of Chevrolet’s customer research.

The all-new Corvettes will be unveiled at more than 400 dealerships in late February.

More Corvettes have been sold than any sports car in the world, since the Corvette’s introduction 44 years ago. Chevrolet expects the all-new 1997 Corvette to easily maintain that tradition.

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