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1979 - 1982 Corvette: Service Bulletin: No AM Reception with Replacement Power Antenna Mast

Subject: No AM Reception with Replacement Power Antenna Mast
Model and Year: 1979 - 1982 All Carlines with Power Antennas
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 82-T-145, Section XII
Date:   July, 1983


When replacing a 29mm (slimline) power antenna mast and support tube, or a service antenna, using the original threaded lead-in (RF Cable), it will be necessary to use RF housing kit, P/N 22038652, in place of the original RF housing and screw.  This is necessary to obtain an RF connection when the lead-in is installed.  Be sure to use the screws packaged with the, P/N 22038652, RF housing (or equivalent) and the screws packaged with the brackets for the 23mm (mini-mast) antenna (or equivalent).  Longer screws will short out the antenna when they are in contact with the brass tube.  A check with an ohmeter from mast to the support tube should show infinite or open circuit.  A check from the lead-in center conductor for continuity to the mast should be "0" ohms.  The RF pin supplied with the mast and support tube will be too short when used with the original threaded RF cable connector.  Using the new RF housing in kit, P/N 22038652, will ensure a good contact.  Be sure to use a liberal amount of the grease, supplied in the kit, to prevent water entry (refer to illustration).

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1979 - 1982 Corvette - No AM Reception with Replacement Power Antenna Mast  

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