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1969 Corvette: Service News: Directional Signal Switch Removal and Installation

Subject:    Directional Signal Switch Removal and Installation
Model and Year:  1969 Tilt-Telescoping Column
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   8
Date:  March 1969 - Volume 41 - Number 3

Procedures for removal and installation of the directional signal switch on the 1969 Corvette Tilt-Telescoping steering column specify the use of Tool J-22191 to remove and install the "C" ring which retains the horn contact assembly in position on the steering shaft.  Although this procedure will work satisfactorily, extreme care must be used to prevent the tool from slipping off the contact assembly and braking the plastic carrier projections.

The following procedure is recommended in place of that stated in Step 2 of the ’Removal’ and Step 4 of the ’Installation’ procedures appearing on Page 9-10 of the 1969 Passenger Car Chassis Service Manual:

  1. Place tool J-23131 over the end of the steering shaft.
  2. Place a 5/16 inch nut under both ’legs’ of the tool on each side of the lock plate as shown in Figure 8.  Reinstall lock screw to prevent shaft from moving out of column.
  3. Using the shaft nut, compress the lock plate just enough to remove the "C" ring.
  4. Remove the shaft nut, tool J-23131, and the two 5/16 inch nuts and proceed with removal of the directional signal switch.

Reverse these procedures for installation of the switch.

1969 Corvette Directional Signal Switch Removal and Installation

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