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1967 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Disc Brake Shoe Organic Lining Wear

Subject:   Disc Brake Shoe Organic Lining Wear
Model and Year:   1967 Passenger with RPO J52 Disc Brakes and Corvette with Base Disc Brakes (#752) (T.N.)
Source:  Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter
Bulletin No:   NA
Section:   UPC V - Brakes
Date:    February 1968

Tapered brake shoe lining wear on the 1967 organic disc brakes is inherent in the design and reduces overall brake lining life.  If during brake inspection tapered shoe wear is noted, rotate the shoe assemblies from inner to outer disc locations.  This will even out the wear pattern and allow for maximum brake lining durability.  The brakes should be burnished before returning the vehicle to the customer.

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