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1966 Corvette: Field Service Engineering: Riveted Brake Pads

Subject:    Riveted Brake Pads
Model and Year:  1966 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Field Service Engineering - Technical Service Department - 1966 Product Data Book
Page Number:   1, Section V, Group 2
Date:  2-15-1966

In production, riveted brake pads have replaced bonded pads on 1966 Corvettes.  Also, service replacement parts will be of the riveted type.

The riveted brake pads entered production, on the front brakes only, with Serial No. S109343, and on both the front and rear brakes, with Serial No. S109688.

To exhaust parts stock, 51 units built between Serial Nos. S110379 and S110459 had bonded pads installed in the rear brakes.

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