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1965 Corvette: Service News: Servicing Corvette Disc Brakes

Source: Chevrolet Service NewsSubject: Servicing Corvette Disc BrakesModel and Year: 1965Page: 12Date:  January, 1965 Servicing of the Corvette disc brakes is extremely critical due to tolerances required in machining of the brake disc to insure... Read More

1965 - 1982 Corvette: Recall: Remanufactured Brake Calipers

Make : CHEVROLET Model : CORVETTE Year: 1982 NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 03E032000 Recall Date: MAY 07, 2003Component: SERVICE BRAKES, AIR: DISC: CALIPERPotential Number Of Units Affected: 15899 Summary:REMANUFACTURERD REAR BRAKE CALIPERS, PART NOS. 18... Read More

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