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 Electrical and Ignition

1963 - 1967 Corvette: Chevrolet Service News: Two-Unit Voltage Regulator Diagnosis and Adjustment

Subject:    Two-Unit Voltage Regulator Diagnosis and Adjustment Model and Year:   1963 - 1967 Corvette Source:  Chevrolet Service News Page Number:   1 Date:  June 1963, Volume 35, Number 6 This... Read More

1966 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: RPO K-66 Wiring Diagram for Breakerless Ignition System

This Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter contains important information for all owners of 1966 Corvettes that are equipped with the RPO K-66 transistorized ignition system. Original 1966 Corvette shop manuals do not have this information. Subject:... Read More

1955 - 1964 Corvette: Chevrolet PartsMart: Bulb and Fuse Charts

Subject: Bulb and Fuse Charts Model and Year: 1955 - 1964 Corvette Source: Chevrolet PartsMart Page Number: NA Date: January 1964 Below are electric bulb and fuse charts for the 1955 - 1964 Corvette from the January, 1960 issue of... Read More

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