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1967 Corvette: Corvette Design Meeting - November 25, 1964

Below is a copy of rare internal meeting minutes of the Chevrolet Design Staff regarding the 1967 Corvette model year and various styling changes that were under review a few years prior. John Hinckley wrote a followup letter to Vette Vues Magazine... Read More

1967 Chevrolet Dealer Denver Zone Listing

Below is a contest record which gives the breakdown of dealerships in the Chevrolet Zone #10, Denver, Colorado.  This zone had nine different districts and covered parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico.  The... Read More

1963 Corvette: Zone Letter: Destination Charges

Subject:   Destination Charges Model and Year:    1963 Corvette Source:  Denver Zone Office - Chevrolet Motor Division - General Motors Corporation Bulletin No:   CD-62-29 Zone:   #10 Denver Zone Office ,... Read More

1963 Corvette Z06: Zone Letter: Price Correction

Subject:   Price Correction Model and Year:   1963 Corvette with RPO Z06 Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Zone Letter - Denver No:  CD 62-30 Date:    October 16, 1962 TO:  ALL DENVER ZONE CHEVROLET... Read More

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