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1965 Corvette: Zone Letter: Verification Vouchers, Protect-O-Plates and Owner Guide Books

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Subject:   Verification Vouchers, Protect-O-Plates and Owner Guide Books
Model and Year:   1965 Chevrolet Vehicles
Source:  Chevrolet Service Bulletin - Zone Letter - #25 Indianapolis
No:  S&M 25-24-64
Date:    October 2, 1964

VERIFICATION VOUCHERS:  We are pleased to advise that verification vouchers will no longer be required as an attachment to your L&MRS on 1964 and past model vehicles.

PROTECT-O-PLATES & OWNER GUIDE BOOKS:  Protect-O-Plate and Owner Guide books are considered part of the vehicle and should be checked upon receipt from the transportation company.  If these items are missing, you are to note such shortage on the delivery receipt and file a Transportation Claim to recover the expense incurred in securing replacement materials.  Each dealer has been furnished a supply of Helm, Inc.  order forms to be used for this purpose.

INCORRECT PROTECT-O-PLATES:  Should any dealer receive a Protect-O-Plate with an incorrect serial number for the vehicle received, a corrected plate must be ordered from Helm, Inc. giving them the corrected information to be embossed on the plate.  Upon receipt of this invoice from Helm, Inc., you should then submit an L&MR giving the particulars of the error, attach the paid invoice, and forward it to the Zone Service Manager for credit consideration.

Protect-O-Plates will be taped to the mast jacked on forward control and flat faced cowl models.  Guide books will be in the glove box.

Since many of these units are delivered directly to the purchaser, it will be necessary that the dealer secure this material from the purchaser to complete name, address, delivery date, etc., and return to the owner.

Please cover these important changes in procedure with all service writers and personnel concerned with the handling of the above objects.

Thanks for your always fine co-operation.

Very truly Yours,

R.J. Kuchle
Asst. Zone Service Manager

1965 Corvette: Zone Letter: Verification Vouchers, Protect-O-Plates and Owner Guide Books

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