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1963 Corvette: Buffalo Zone Letter: Production Information: RPO Z06 - Cast Aluminum Wheels - RPO N03 Gasoline Tank

Subject:   RPO Z06 - Cast Aluminum Wheels - RPO N03 Gasoline Tank
Model and Year:  1963 Corvette
Source:    Friday Night Letter - Buffalo Zone Letter CD - 12-53
Date:  December 17, 1962


Shown below are additional options, prices and revisions affecting the 1963 Dealer Price Bulletin.  Please make the necessary entries on all copies of the Price Bulletin now in your possession.


Many requests have been received from the field asking that the availability  of RPO Z06, Special Performance option for the Corvette Coupe, be expanded to include the Convertible.  it also has become apparent that many of the purchasers of this option do not require the 36.5 gallon gasoline tank and object to the loss of luggage space when the larger tank is installed.  As a result of these comments, the following changes have been made, effective immediately:

RPO Z06 - Special Performance Option

(a)  Model application expanded to include both 837 and 867.

(b)  36.5 gallon gasoline tank together with the wheelhouse filler panels removed from this option and released as a separate option for model 837 only.  Information on this option is shown below.

(c)  Five cast aluminum 15 x 6L wheels removed from this option.  These wheels can be ordered, when desired, under RPO P48.

With these items removed from the Z06 option the price has been revised to read as follows:

Dealer Net $913.52
List Price 1202.00
Factory D & H 91.35
Manufacturer’s Suggested
Retail Delivered Price

Please note that the above information includes, in addition to pricing for the Z06 option, the prices for the positraction rear axle, four-speed transmission and 360 h.p. fuel injection engine, all of which must be shown separately on the order form.



RPO P48 - Wheels:  Five Cast Aluminum 15 x 6L

Please delete the phrase that these wheels are included in the Special Performance Package.

RPO N03 - New Option - 36.5 Gallon Gasoline Tank and Wheel - house Filler Panels; available on model 837 only

Please note that there is noticeable loss of luggage space when this option is ordered.  Pricing information is as follows:

Dealer Net $142.88
List Price 188.00
Factory D & H 14.30
Manufacturer’s Suggested
Retail Delivered Price

 A sizable quantity of 837 orders specifying the Special Performance option is being held at St. Louis due to the fact that the cast aluminum wheels are still not available.  The best estimate that we can obtain regarding availability of the wheels at the plant level is late January.

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