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1963 Corvette: Zone Letter: Destination Charges

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Subject:   Destination Charges
Model and Year:    1963 Corvette
Source:  Denver Zone Office - Chevrolet Motor Division - General Motors Corporation
Bulletin No:   CD-62-29
Zone:   #10 Denver Zone Office , 4355 Kearnly Street, Denver, Colorado
Date:    September 24, 1962


As in the past, 1963 Corvette Destination Charges are not published by dealer location.  Chevrolet publishes the Corvette destination charge only to Zone Office locations and it is felt that Corvette price quotations can be made using this charge as an approximate guide.

For your information, the Corvette destination charge to Denver effective with 1963 Model shipments is $108.75 for both Models 837 and 867.

Very truly yours,

D.G. Schneider
Zone Distribution Manager

1963 Corvette: Zone Letter: Destination Charges

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