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1963 Corvette Z06: Zone Letter: Price Correction

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Subject:   Price Correction
Model and Year:   1963 Corvette with RPO Z06
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Zone Letter - Denver
No:  CD 62-30
Date:    October 16, 1962


The following information has been received from our Central Offices -

Please refer Section I, Page 23, Dealer Price Bulletin under Corvette Option Z06, Special Performance Package.  The price as shown is incorrect.  We erroneously omitted prices for Positraction Axle, 4-Speed Transmission and 360 H.P. Fuel Injection Engine that are required when this option is ordered.

The correct price, to include these items is as follows:

Dealer Net:  $1284.40

List Price:  1690.00

Factory D & H:  $128.45

Mfgr’s Sugg. Retail Price:  $1818.45

Please immediately make this correction to all pricing information currently in your possession.  Please make certain all of your personnel are advised as to this pricing correction.

In order that we may make certain you are aware of this pricing correction, please sign and return the attached acknowledgement to this office by return mail.

Very truly yours,

D.G. Schneider
Zone Distribution Manager

1963 Corvette Z06: Zone Letter: Price Correction

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