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1959 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Oil Consumption

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Subject:   Oil Consumption
Model and Year:   1959 "283" Engines
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   39
Zone:   Chicago - 11
Date:    November 17, 1958

We note that some dealers are installing "new piston rings" or "over-sized valves" to overcome excessive oil consumption.

For your information there were some "283" engines built and shipped to assembly plants without the new oil seals on the valve stems.

In addition, we have found cases where excessive oil consumption is being experienced with engines equipped with the new seals.

This situation is being investigated to determine the cause and, until such time as we receive more information on a field fix - plus the availability of seals in warehouse stock, we must insist that dealers refrain from any corrective practices, as they are not accomplishing the desired results.

1959 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Oil Consumption

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