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1962 Corvette: Technical Information: Improved Harmonic Balancer Attachment

Subject:  Improved Harmonic Balancer Attachment
Model Year:  1962 High-Performance Vehicles
Source: Chevrolet Service and Mechanical Department - Product Engineering Technical Information - 1962 Product Data Book
Date:  April 9, 1962
Number: Page 1, Section VI, Group 2

On Corvette and 1000 Series Passenger Cars with high performance engines, the harmonic balancer is now being bolted onto the crankshaft to supplement the press fit.  This was effective 1-25-62 in production on the Passenger 409 cu. in. RPO 580 (380 H.P.) and RPO 587 (409 H.P.) engines, and 3-1-62 on Corvette 327 cu. in. RPO 396 (340 H.P.) and RPO 582 (F.I. 360 H.P.) engines.

On Corvette Models, this required incorporating a new crankshaft, Part No. 3823299, with a tapped hole in the front end.  No change is required with respect to the 409 cu. in. crankshaft as it incorporates a tapped hole.  Addition of a lock washer, flat washer and bolt are used to complete this installation on both vehicles.


Part Numbers

3823299 --- Crankshaft Assembly with tapped hole - 1962 Corvette engine - RPO 396 and 582.
3815933 --- Bolt, Harmonic Balancer
131718 ---- Lock Washer, Harmonic Balancer
3739422 --- Washer, Harmonic Balancer

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