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1954 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Connecting Rods

Subject:   Connecting Rods
Model and Year:   1955 Powerglide Engines
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:   DR-164
Section:   VI
Date:    January 13, 1954


Until such time as the 1954 Passenger Car Powerglide Connecting Rods are available and it is necessary to replace a rod in a 1954 Powerglide Engine, the 1953 Powderglide Rod may be used after reworking.

if the 1953 Rod is not reworked, interference may occur between the new wide lobed (9/16") camshaft and the number 2, 4 and 6 rods on the camshaft side at the rear of the rod in the area at top of connecting rod bolt.

An illustration and information for reworking the rod is shown on the reverse side of this Bulletin.

1954 Corvette Connecting Rods

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