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1962 Corvette: Service News: Corvette Fuel Injection

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Model Year: 1962
Subject: 1962 Corvette Fuel Injection
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Number: Volume 34, Number 3, Page 4.
Date: March, 1962

Two new Fuel Injection Units (Part Numbers 7017355 and 7017360) are being used optionally in Production on 1962 Corvette 327 cu. in. V-8 engines of 360 hp. These Fuel Injection Units differ from previous models primarily in the design of the cold enrichment system. On the 1962 units a newly designed cold enrichment and diffuser cone assembly incorporates an almost conventional blade type choke valve, which eliminates the complex valving of cold enrichment systems found on past models. The electrically heated thermostatic coil, mounted on the air meter inlet, now positions this choke valve to provide necessary venturi signal "boost" for fuel enrichment.

Fuel meter design is unchanged except for redesign of the metering valve, use of a poppet type valve in place of the spill plunger, and relocation of the cranking signal valve to the covers of the power enrichment diaphragm. With the newly designed cold enrichment housing, vacuum for power enrichment is now drawn directly from the injector intake manifold. The new location of the cracking signal valve virtually eliminates the possibility of its failure due to back-fire.

The only difference between the 7017355 and the 7017360 fuel injection units is that a replaceable element fuel filter is used on the 7017355, while the 701360 unit uses a throw-away cannister type fuel filter.


Fuel Delivery @ 1/2" Water Signal (Using Calibrator Tool J-7090)
Economy Stop: 1.0 Hg.
Power Stop: 2.2 Hg.
Choke Setting: 3 notches "lean"
Float Level: 2 9/32"
Float Drop: 2 27/32"
Engine Idle: 700 rpm
Fast Idle (set with engine hot): 1800 rpm
Ignition Timing Setting: 10o BTDC
Fuel Filter (Change): 15,000 miles
Engine Air Cleaner (Clean): 4,000 miles

1962 Corvette: Service News: Corvette Fuel Injection

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