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1957 Corvette: Service News: Fuel Injection Pump Drive Shaft Installation

Model Year:  1957
Subject:  Fuel Injection Pump Drive Shaft Installation
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Date:  June 1957

When installing a Fuel Injection unit on a car the following procedure should be followed for easiest installation and to insure that the high pressure fuel pump flexible drive shaft fully engages at both the distributor and pump ends.

This procedure supplements the comparable information provided on page 28 of the Chevrolet Fuel Injection Shop Manual.

  1. Carefully pull the fuel pump drive shaft from its housing being careful not to lose the small fiber washer located at distributor end of the shaft between the brass thrust bearing and the shaft housing.  Examine the brass thrust bearing to insure that it is held securely on the shaft and the dimension from the end of shaft to nearest face of the bearing is 17/32".
  2. Prealign the fuel injection pump and distributor driveline members by inserting one end of the shaft into the ful pump, then rotate the shaft to engage the other end in the distributor drive socket.
  3. Carefully disengage shaft from both distributor and pump without rotating shaft.  Reinstall fiber washer in distributor end of shaft housing and install shaft in housing.
  4. Slide drive shaft assembly into position at fuel pump and carefully engage shaft in fuel pump driven member.  Do not rotate shaft once it is engage.
  5. Engage shaft distributor end and hold shaft housing firmly while tightening retaining nut to secure installation.
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