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1955 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Oil Pump Suction Pipe

Subject:  Oil Pump Suction Pipe
Model Year:  1955 6-Cylinder Engine
Date:  February 8, 1955
Bulletin Number: DR-197, Section VI


A new Oil Pump Suction Pipe for 1955 6-Cylinder Engines is now in production and available in Parts Stock which eliminates the possibility of loss of oil pump prime during oil changes which may occur in some units due to limit stack conditions.

New Oil Pipes entered production at the engine plants about 1-24-55.



New Part No.

Old Part No.

Oil Pump Suction Pipe




  • Remove oil pan from engine.
  • Remove floating intake screen from pipe by bending tang on float travel stop.
  • Remove Oil Pump suction Pipe by unscrewing from pump cover.  Clearance should be provided as necessary by rotating crankshaft.
  • Install new Suction Pipe tightening it in pump cover until lower end of pipe is 7-1/8" below pan gasket surface on block.  This places the tube section the screen pivots on in a horizontal position.  Check pipe for clearing side of oil pan.
  • Reinstall screen and oil pan.

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