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1958 - 1960 Corvette: Factory Letter - Rochester Fuel Injection

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The manual, Mr. William O. Anderson of Rochester Products sent to Mert Higley, was 1958 Chevrolet carburetion and fuel injection.  It was Chevrolet publication number TP-5.

July 23, 1960

Mr. M. Higley
307 No. Moss,
Leesburg, FLA.

Dear Mert:

Enclosed is a Chevrolet manual covering carburetion and fuel injection on passenger cars as well as Corvettes.  Though issued for 1958, the information also includes the 1959 and 1960 installations as these were not changed to any great extent.

During our recent phone conversation, you mentioned the problem on idle mixture control on engines equipped with a high lift cam and fuel injection.

With such a cam, engine idle is a problem, some idle with the mixture needle shut completely off, others have the needle open a half a turn or so.  Take what you can get, assuming that the engine isle quality is fair, does not load, or stall, and is set at approx. 900 R.P.M.  With a regular cam, this is not so, the mixture needle is usually quite sensitive and has very good response, rich or lean.

Be sure to check these installations for any of the small nozzle lines touching the manifold, this will cause the fuel to boil on the way to the nozzles and result in a very erratic idle, due to the heat.  Often times when a manifold is removed and installed, in order to get the socket wrench on properly, the lines are bent or moved over against the manifold for clearance.  Bend the lines back and away from the manifold about 1/8 inch or so.

I have written to Erv Kallas, our Regional Engineer covering the area in Florida, no doubt you will see or hear from him in the very near future.

Should you visit Detroit, please look us up.  We would certainly be glad to see you folks.

Best Regards,

William O. Anderson
9627 Shadyside Ave.
Livonia, Michigan
Phone Garfield 1-0458

1958 - 1960 Corvette: Factory Letter - Rochester Fuel Injection

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