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1962 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Loss of Oil Pressure

Subject: Loss of Oil Pressure
Model and Year: 1962 Corvette 250 H.P. 327" V-8
Source: Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: TSB #838
Section:  VI
Date:  October 16, 1962


If loss of engine oil pressure occurs at high engine R.P.M. on 1962 Corvette units with the base 250 H.P. 327 cu. in. engine, the problem may be eliminated by adding an oil pan Upper Baffle, Part No. 3769768.  This is the baffle used on High Performance engines.

In order to install this baffle, five (5) Part No. 3769769 Special Studs are used - two at #2 main bearing cap, two at #3 main bearing cap and one at the right hand side of #4 main bearing cap.  The oil pump attaching bolt is used for the rearmost attachment.

1963 Corvette with the base engine will incorporate an improved design oil pan with added baffles to prevent any recurrence of this problem.

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Mr. C. M. Sagley
Chevrolet Motor Division,
General Motors Corporation,
P.O. Box 539
Salt Lake City 10, Utah.

  1. Remove oil pan.
  2. Remove main bearing cap bolts from #2, #3 and right hand side of #4.
  3. Install five (5) Part No. 3769769 Special Studs in main bearing cap bolt locations mentioned in step 2.  Torque sutds to 60-70 ft. lbs. using a deep well socket.
  4. Remove oil pump attaching bolt and install Part No. 3769768 Baffle on the Special Studs. Use the oil pump attaching bolt as the rearmost mounting point.  Torque oil pump attaching bolt to 45-50 ft. lbs.
  5. Install lock washers and nuts over Special studs to secure remainder of baffle.  Torque nuts to 15-25 ft. lbs.
  6. Install oil pan.

Part No.  Required Description
 3769768  1  Baffle, Oil Pan Upper
 3769769  5  Stud, Special
 9414034  5  3/8" - 16 Hexagon Nut (Available in Lots of 100 only)
 138489  5  3/8" Lock Washer, External Tooth (Available in Lots of 100 only)


1.0 hr.  Install oil pan upper baffle

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