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1959 Corvette: Service News: Fuel Injection Calibration

Subject: Fuel Injection Calibration
Model and Year: 1959 Passenger Car
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:  NA
Date: April 1959, Volume 31, Issue #4

Fuel pressure specifications required when using Fuel Injection Calibrator Tool J-7090 on the latest model units, are provided below.  This information supplements the chart shown on page 10-24 of the 1959 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual.


Fuel Injection ModelEconomy Stop
Fuel Pressure
@ 1/2" H2O
Power Stop
Fuel Pressure
@ 1/2" H2O
7017300 R 0.9 PSI 2.2 PSI
7017300 0.9 PSI 2.5 PSI
7017200 1.2 PSI 2.6 PSI
7017250 0.9 PSI 2.5 PSI
7017310 1.2 PSI 2.6 PSI
7017320 0.9 PSI 2.5 PSI

NOTE:  If any of these six models are installed with the air cleaner element mounted directly on the air meter, deduct 0.2 psi from both the power and economy stop specifications shown above.

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