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1978 - 1979 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Power Antenna Operation

Subject:   Power Antenna Operation
Model and Year: 1978-79 Vehicles with CB or RPO U75
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No: 79-T-8
Section: XII
Date: April, 1979


Extreme cold weather and/or excessive buildup of dirt/corrosion may cause a power antenna to stick and fail to extend or retract completely.

Complaint vehicles should be corrected as follows:

  1. Thaw unit as required if problem occurred during extremely cold weather.
  2. Extend mast.  This may require manually assisting the mast when antenna unit is energized.
  3. Clean mast sections thoroughly to remove any water or dirt.  Note:  It may be necessary to use fine steel wool to remove any corrosion residue that may exist.
  4. Extend and retract antenna mast several times repeating steps 2 and 3 until mast stays clean and dry.
  5. With mast fully extended (triband - 36" from fender surface, A<-FM - 33" from fender surface), lubricate entire surface of mast sections liberally, especially the section joints, with one of the following:
    • a.  Spray silicone (Pen Ray or equivalent)
    • b.  Liquid graphite (Lock Ease or equivalent)
  6. Operate antenna up and down several times, then wipe off excess lubricant.

Time for correction: .2 hours.

Chevrolet Motor Division
General Motors Corporation

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