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1962 Corvette: Chevrolet Engineering Center Letter: Racing Parts Supplied by Chevrolet for 1962 SCCA Racing Season

This is a letter from Vince W. Piggins to Charles E. Brown, the S.C.C.A. Chairman in 1961 - 1962 sharing what special parts Chevrolet would like to have certified for use in 1962 S.C.C.A. events.

Date: December 11, 1961

Mr. Charles E. Brown
S.C.C.A. - Chairman
Car Classification Committee
72 Belmont Avenue
Belleville, New Jersey

Dear Mr. Brown:

Purusant to our conversation, I have listed below certain heavy duty service parts that are being made available for the 1962 Chevrolet Corvette, in order to have same homologated for the coming 1962 S.C.C.A. season.

Heavy-Duty Suspension Springs

Front - 3748140
Rear - 3748143

These springs are identical with those presently being used for heavy duty service on 1958-1961 Corvette.

Stabilizer Unit - Front (auxiliary)

Part #3823052

This is a .750 diameter bar used in addition to the standard Corvette front stabilizer bar.

Brake Unit - Heavy Duty (special)

Part #3823053

This is a new sintered metallic brake kit consisting of larger I.D. drums and new brake shoes with thicker pads and incorporates self-adjusting features.

Tank Unit - Gasoline

Part #3823051

This is substantially the same 37 gallon capacity, fibre glass tank as used in previous years.

Wheel Unit - Knock Off

Part #3823050

This is a quick change aluminum wheel and associated parts (front hubs, axle shaft and spinner nuts) first used in 1956 for competition purposes and being re-instated for 1962 Corvette service.

I trust the information above is complete to your satisfaction and if additional information is needed, I will be most happy to comply with your request.

Yours very truly,

V.W. Piggins
Economy, Safety and Performance Department

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