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1967 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Keys for 1967 Models

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1967 Corvette keys are unique to this model year.  The key "raceway" for 1967 and the cutting codes were not used in any prior Chevrolet model years.
Subject:  Keys for 1967 Models
Model and Year: 1967 Models
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin
Bulletin No: 42-21-66
Zone: #46 - Green Bay
Date: September 1, 1966


All 1967 Chevrolet vehicles will have keys that will not be interchangeable with previous model vehicles.  The new key has more combinations and will materially reduce the incident of duplicated key numbers.

Most dealers are using either a dial key cutter or a post type key cutter of Curtis manufacture.  It is important to note that dealers using a dial type cutter as described on the attached brochure will need only a new dial and two new carriages.

However, post type cutters must be replaced with a dial type cutter, again as described in the brochure.

We solicit your cooperation in covering this matter with all personnel in order that you will be in a position to cut 1967 keys at the time of public announcement.

Thank you.

Yours very truly,

T.P. Loufek
Zone Service Manager

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1967 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Keys for 1967 Models

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