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1967 Corvette: Service News: Corvette Electric Window Motor Replacement

Subject: Air Conditioning Diagnosis
Model and Year: 1967 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Page Number: NA
Date: July 1967 - Volume 39, Issue Number 8

The Corvette electric window motor on vehicles so equipped, can be removed without removing the regulator assembly, as implied in the procedure "Window Regulator -- Power" appearing on page 1B-15 of the 1967 (Passenger Car) Chassis Service Manual, if the below procedure is followed.  This procedure can be used when the window is inoperative in any position.


  1. Disconnect batter ground cable.
  2. Remove two screws under arm rest.
  3. Using Tool J-7797, remove clips retaining window crank and lock remote control.
  4. Remove knob from door lock control by turning counterclockwise.
  5. Remove 2 screws retaining inside pull handle.
  6. Remove sheet meal screws and special washers retaining trim panel to door assembly.
  7. Pull trim panel out at bottom, tap bottom edge of trim panel with hand to disengage from top of door.  Remove trim panel from door.
  8. Peel down door water deflector to lower edge of door.
  9. At this point, bare panel exposed, perform the following:


  1. Locate the Full Size Template, Fig. 2, on the four (4) phillips head screws securing regulator assembly to door panel.  The template provided can be used for the right or left door.  Make sure that the "Top of Template" edge is towards the top of the door and that the template is in the correct direction (determined by "Front of Car" arrow shown on template).
  2. Once the template has been located, tape it to the panel.  Prick punch the three (3) centers of the holes to be drilled.  Using a 1" diameter hole saw, drill out three holes in panel to expose the motor mounting bolts heads (Fig. 1).  NOTE:  Extend pilot drill of hole saw only 1/8" from tip of saw blade teeth to keep from drilling into the motor mount bolt heads.
  3. Once the three (3) holes have been drilled, remove the motor mount bolts, and push motor assembly into door panel opening.  NOTE:  Make sure gear assembly is freed from regulator cam teeth.
  4. If window was in any other position than completely closed, raise window to closed position.  Access motor through opening depicted in Fig. 1.  Disconnect motor ground connector.
  5. Position motor in door in such a matter that the positive lock on the motors feed connector (round connector on end of motor) can be accessed through the square regulator opening depicted in Fig. 1.  Release positive lock with a small bladed screwdriver and disconnect connector from motor.  Remove motor.


  1. Install gear assembly to motor if it has disengaged.  Insert motor into door through large opening.  Connect ground terminal and connector on end of motor.  The connector is installed by simply pushing-in.  Make sure the connector’s positive lock engages.
  2. Position motor against regulator, aligning mounting holes and meshing motor gear assembly with regulator drive cam teeth.  Install mounting bolts.
  3. Reverse removal steps 1-8.

1967 Corvette Electric Window Motor Replacement  

1967 Corvette Electric Window Motor Replacement

  1. Anyone know how to assemble the door motor to the regulator on a 1967 corvette? Unsure how to synch up/position the motor gear and regulator teeth, and how to get proper spring tension. Thank you.

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