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1965 - 1972 Corvette: Service News: Ignition Pulse Amplifier (SN-C-1)

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Subject:   Ignition Pulse Amplifier (SN-C-1)
Model and Year: 1965 - 1972 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Date:  November 1966 - Volume 38 - Number 10

Examination of failed transistor ignition pulse amplifiers shows that a major cause of failure is moisture entering the unit.  A new gasket with improved sealing characteristics is being developed but is not yet available.

Until the new gasket is available, the units that fail, because of moisture, may be corrected by using the following procedure.

  1. Remove circuit board from pulse amplifier as outlined on page 6 Y-28 of the 1967 Chassis Service Manual.
  2. Allow circuit board to dry.  if heat is used, do not exceed a temperature of 146oF.
  3. After drying, spray both sides of the circuit board with lacquer or commercially available ignition wire protective spray.
  4. Reassemble circuit board to pulse amplifier.
  5. Coat surfaces of cover gasket with silicone grease.
  6. Install gasket and cover.
  7. Apply silicone grease around the seal gap between cover and base.
1965 - 1972 Corvette: Service News: Ignition Pulse Amplifier (SN-C-1)

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