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1968 Corvette: Service News: Spark Plug Removal with 427 Engine and A/C

Model Year: 1968 Corvette 427 with Air Conditioning
Subject: Spark Plug Removal Tip
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Date: August, 1968

Recent studies indicate that the two forward right bank spark plugs located under the air conditioning compressor on 1968 Corvettes equipped with 427 cu. in. engine and air conditioning are easily accessible if accessed through the fender skirt opening after removing the wheel. On this particular vehicle the plugs are so positioned that even the loosening of the compressor does not allow adequate room for easy removal.

While on the subject of spark plug removal, it’s worth mentioning that the plugs on many vehicles of various engine configurations upon first observation look seemingly impossible to remove. Many of these difficult plugs are not difficult to remove when accessed from underneath. Consequently, when involved with the removal of spark plugs for cleaning or replacement, check out the accessibility of the difficult plugs from underneath the vehicle before wasting time trying to remove the plug from top of the engine.

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