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1959 - 1961 Corvette: Product Engineering Bulletin: Drive Line "Clunk"

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Note:  Product Engineering bulletins like the one listed below went to Chevrolet Zone Offices located in various states across the United States, and did not get entered into the Chevrolet dealer Bulletin system.

Subject:  Drive Line "Clunk"
Model and Year:  1959-61 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service and Mechanical Department - Product Engineering - 1961 Product Data Book
Number:  Page I, Section IV, Group 2
Date:  February 6, 1961

A "clunking" noise noted on 1959-61 Model Corvettes, when the vehicle is being operated over rough roads with the drive line under torque, may be caused by the spines hanging-up between the front yoke of the front universal joint and the transmission output shaft, even though the noise seems to originate from the rear axle.  The condition is noticeable when the vehicle is driven over rough roads at 15-20 MPH with the drive line loaded.

This condition can be corrected by replacing the front U-Joint yoke.  The yoke and transmission output shaft splines should be thoroughly lubricated with molybdenum disulphide base grease.


PART NUMBER:  3712379
DESCRIPTION:  Front Yoke, Front Universal Joint

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1959 - 1961 Corvette: Product Engineering Bulletin: Drive Line "Clunk"

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