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1959 - 1960 Corvette: Zone Letter: Steering Gear Lube Leaking From Directional Signal Housing

Model Year: 1959-1960
Subject: Corvette Steering Gear Lube Leaking from the Directional Signal Housing
Source: Chevrolet Zone Letter
Zone:  #41 Wichita, Kansas
Number: 83
Date: December 8, 1959

In the event the steering gear lube should work up the mast jacket and leak from directional signal housing, remove the steering wheel, bearing and seat assembly at the top of the mast jacket. Place a felt collar #3721433 available in Service Parts Stock, over the shaft between the shaft and the mast jacket down to a position just above the steering gear housing. to further prevent the re-occurance of oil leakage, drain housing and refill with a lubricant of non-pouring consistency such as chassis lubricant.

Very truly yours
B.H. Berryhill
Zone Service Manager


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