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1959 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Excessive Driveline Vibration

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Subject:   Excessive Drive Line Vibration
Model and Year:   1959 Corvette
Source:  General Motors of Canada Service Bulletin
Bulletin No:  NA
Section:   Part B - Page 83
Date:  September 30, 1959


If excessive drive line vibration is encountered on the 1959 Corvette, it is probably due to excessive rear U-joint angle.  Elimination of the vibration can be accomplished by installing either a 2 o or 3 o shim between the axle pads and springs on both sides, with the thick side to the front.

The nominal angle of the rear U-joint is 7-1/2 o .  Care should be taken in not going under 7-1/2 o due to interference at full bump position.

measurements of the propeller shaft and pinion nose angles may be accomplished as follows:

  1. Load vehicle until distance between the axle housing and the frame rail kick (metal to metal) is 4-1/2".  Retaining the vehicle in this position, the angle of the propeller shaft and pinion nose can be measured, as shown in the 1958 Passenger Car Shop manual.
  2. The radius control rods should be disconnected before installing the shim.  Before re-attaching the radius control rods, elongate the radius rod frame mounting hole 1/4" rearward if necessary to eliminate any interference between the radius control rods attaching bolt and mounting bracket.  Shim part #3722797 (2 o ), or #3744488 (3 o ), or their equivalent may be utilized.  The locating tab on the above shims should be removed to allow the shim to lie flat.

The propeller shaft and pinion angle and the elongation of the radius rode mounting bracket hole is shown in Fig. 44.

1959 Corvette Excessive Driveline Vibration

1959 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Excessive Driveline Vibration

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