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1975 Corvette: Service News: Radiator and Fan Shroud Removal

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Subject:  Radiator and Fan Shroud Removal
Model and Year:  1975 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   NA
Date:  February 1975 - Volume 47 - #2

Published information on 1975 Corvette models (refer to 1975 Service and Overhaul Manual Supplement, Page 13-5, Fig. 5) does not include a procedure for removal of the radiator and fan shroud.

Removal and replacement should be performed as follows:

  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
  2. Remove radiator cap when engine is cool by:
    • Slowly rotating cap counterclockwise to detent (do not press down while rotating).
    • Wait until any residual pressure (indicated by a hissing sound) is relieved.
    • After all hissing ceases, press down on cap while continuing to rotate counterclockwise.

    CAUTION: To avoid the danger of being burned, do not remove radiator cap while engine and radiator are sill hot because scalding fluid and steam will be blown out under pressure.

  3. Place vehicle on a hoise.
  4. Open the drain cock and drain the radiator.
  5. Disconnect transmission oil cooler lines if so equipped.
  6. With help from an assistant, remove the hood.
  7. Remove the fan shroud to radiator support brackets.
  8. Remove the two (2) hood hinge forward bolts.
  9. Remove six (6) radiator side support bolts.  Access to these bolts is at wheel housing.
  10. Remove two (2) radiator support bottom bolts and center brace.
  11. Pull radiator support forward and clamp with a C-clamp to the right hood hinge.
  12. Disconnect upper radiator hose and overflow rube hose at radiator.
  13. Disconnect lower radiator hose at radiator.
  14. With help from an assistant, remove the radiator from the vehicle.
  15. Remove the outer fan extension shroud.
  16. Remove radiator shroud (inner) lower bolts and remove radiator shroud.
  17. To install, reverse Steps 1-16 above.
  18. Add sufficient ethylene glycol coolant, meeting GM Specification 1899-M, to provide the required freezing and corrosion protection--at least a 50 percent solution (-20°F).  Fill radiator to the base of radiator fill neck and add sufficient coolant to recover tank to raise level to the "FULL-COLD" mark.  Reinstall recovery tank cap.
  19. Run engine, with radiator cap removed, until normal operating temperature is reached.  (Radiator upper hose becomes hot.)
  20. With engine idling, add coolant until level reaches bottom of filler neck and install radiator cap making arrows on cap line up with overflow tube.
1975 Corvette: Service News: Radiator and Fan Shroud Removal

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