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1968 - 1969 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Heat Shield - Starting Motor Solenoid

Subject:   Heat Shield - Starting Motor Solenoid
Model and Year:  1968 - 1969 Corvette with MArk IV Engine (427ci)
Date:   February - March 1968, ESC 68-8
Source:   Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter

To protect the starter solenoid and engine wiring on Corvette Mark IV engines from excessive manifold heat, the subject shield has been released and will be in production approximately 3-28-68.  In addition, the starter motor solenoid end cap will be replaced by an identical part except its material will withstand 4000F.  For part identification, it will be colored brown instead of black.

A similar shield is also released for passenger Mark IV engines, however, due to lead time it will be come effective on 1969 models.  A peculiar shield for passenger is required because of different exhaust manifolds.

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