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1998 - 2003 Corvette Convertible: Trunk Door on Convertible Won’t Open All The Way

The latch spring should be able to lift the trunk door enough to slide your fingers inside and open it the rest of the way. If this does not happen, check to see if the spring inside the latch assembly is missing. If it’s not missing, have a service mechanic look at it and try to adjust it. If it can’t be adjusted, have the latch assembly replaced.

  1. Hi All,I purchased a 2003 Anniversary convertible last summer. I have never had a ‘Vette, but love cars and with the help of some of the members in this forum, I‘ve learned a lot.I replaced the rear trunk struts for the same reason. The trunk barely opened when I got the car. I replaced the struts (very easy), no difference. After a week or two, I noticed my door hinges didn‘t have any grease. I put some dabs of white lithium grease on the doors, hood latches and the rear trunk lid. Boom! That was all it needed.The lid now opens about 1 1/4 inches. Plenty of room to lift up normally. Hope this helps somebody!-Ed

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