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1972 - 1973 Corvette: Service News: New Vacuum Modulator Hoses

Subject: New Vacuum Modulator Hoses
Model and Year: All 1972 - 1973 Models with Automatic Transmission
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Page Number: Page 1
Date: November 1972, Volume 44, Number 11

Two new vacuum modulator hoses have been released for service use on all 1972 and 1973 models equipped with automatic transmission.  The new hoses have increased strength and heat resistant properties and should be utilized as follows:

326560 Hypalon 1972 & 73 All Vac Mod Pipe to Trans.
  (Black) 1972 All Carb to Vac Mod Pipe
    1973 All (Exc. L6 Engine) Carb to Vac Mod Pipe
326560 Viton (Green) 1973 L6 Engine Only Carb to Vac Mod Pipe

Bulk fuel resistant hose will continue to be released for past model service.

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