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1970 Corvette: Service News: Valve Rocker Arm Stud Replacement

Subject:    Valve Rocker Arm Stud Replacement
Model and Year:  Interim 1970 Corvette and Camaro with High Performance Engine
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   21
Date:  March 1970, Volume 42, Number 3

Production has introduced a newly designed cylinder head for 1970 Corvette and Camaro models equipped with high performance 350 (RPO Z-28) or 350 (RPO-LT1) cu. in. engines.  The new cylinder head incorporates threaded rocker arm studs and guide plates replacing the pressed-in type to provide improved stud retention.

Replacement studs (Part Number 3973-416) and push rod guides (Part Number 397 3418) are available to service the new design head.  When replacement of the studs and guide plates is necessary, coat the threads on the cylinder head end of the stud with Permatex sealing compound (or equivalent), install the guide plate with the side stamped "DOWN" toward the cylinder head, install the guide and torque to 45-55 lbs. ft.

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