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1971 Corvette: Service Bulletin: 1971 Corvette Axle Usage Corrections

Subject:   1971 Corvette Axle Usage Corrections
Model and Year:   1971 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No:   71-T-10
Section:   IV
Date:    Aug. 20, 1971


It has been brought to our attention that a few 1971 Corvettes were inadvertently produced with an incorrect axle ratio due to a computer programming malfunction.

The axle ratio mix-build condition occurred with two different power train combinations.

  1. Corvettes with base equipment should have a 3.08:1 axle; however a few were incorrectly assembled with the 3.36:1 ratio rear axle.
  2. Corvettes with high performance axle option ZQ9 should have a 3.36: ratio.  There were some incorrectly assembled with the standard 3.08:1 ratio rear axle.

Should owner complaints relative to fuel economy or performance be received on 1971 Corvettes, first determine if correct axle ratios are installed for equipment specified.  The axle ratio code is located on the bottom edge of the differential carrier flange.  The code for the 3.08:1 ratio is "AW’.  The codes for the 3.36:1 ratio are "AX" or "LR".

Listed on the following page are the part numbers of the components required to correct vehicles with incorrect axle ratios.

Chevrolet Motor Division
General Motors Corporation

1971 Corvette Rear Axle Identification  

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