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1968 - 1969 Corvette: Engineering Service Letter: Water Entry Into Fuel Tank (#1092)

Subject:    Water Entry Into Fuel Tank (#1092) (D.S.T)
Model and Year:  1968 - 1969 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter
Page Number:   29
Date:  69-4

Field reports indicate water entry into the fuel tank through the gas cap is being experienced due to insufficient draining capacity in the fuel tank filler neck seal.  In actuality, the drain hose is intended primarily for fuel spill over during tank filling, for which the hose draining capacity is adequate.  Under no circumstances should a hole be punched in the seal without attachment of a drain hose, since fuel as well as water can drain from the seal.  Vehicles should first be inspected for kinks in the present drain hose - particularly along the R.H. bumperette brace and inside the bumperette - and the hose routing revised as required.

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