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1968 Corvette Service Bulletin: Leakage at Oil Filter

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Subject:   Leakage at Oil Filter
Model and Year:   1968 Passenger V-8 Engines
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No:   68-T-29
Section:   VI
Date:    March 2, 1968


Complaints have been received on V-8 engine equipped passenger cars of the oil filter leaking when engine is first started in extremely cold weather.

if this condition is encountered, it can be corrected by torquing the oil filter to 20-23 ft. lbs.  This is equivalent to 1 to 1 1/3 turns on the oil filter after coming up snug to the case.

Before replacing the oil filter or re-torquing to revised specifications, the oil filter adapter bolts should be torqued to 14-22 ft. lbs. and the oil filter seal should be dipped in engine oil for proper lubrication.

Chevrolet Motor Division
General Motors Corporation

1968 Corvette Service Bulletin: Leakage at Oil Filter

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