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1997 - 2004 Corvette: How-To: Power Antenna Replacement

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1997 - 2004 Corvette: How-To:  Power Antenna Replacement

Submitted by:  Tractorman_3

(I searched the site for info about this but after zero results, decided to tackle it myself. Sorry, I didn’t think to take pix along the way......)

Start by removing the outside passenger side tail light assembly. It’s held in by 2 Torx bit screws, #`12. Wow, what a hole that opens up!!!

Take a 14mm open end wrench and remove the plastic nut from the antenna mast where it protrudes the fender. Slip it off and set aside.

Reach through the tail light hole and remove 4 10mm nuts. 1 holds a ground strap down low, 1 holds an upper ground strap, and 2 hold the bracket and antenna to the body.

Follow the antenna cable and power wire leads inside the fender toward the front of the car. You will feel a large (1 1/2") rubber plug where the wires head into the luggage compartment. Work the plug out.

Carefully pull down the compartment liner on the passenger side. You can wiggle the antenna cable to feel exactly where you need access.

Unplug the antenna lead and power leads. Note, the connector on the power lead is a locking type but is easy to open. Pull the wire and cable through the hole toward the antenna.

You are now ready to remove the old assembly. Carefully work it through the tail light opening. There is plenty of room without scratching!

Your done with the removal. Installation is a reversal of what you just did. The complete job will take 30 minutes tops. Good Luck!

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1997 - 2004 Corvette: How-To: Power Antenna Replacement

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