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1974 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Soft Push Rod Guides

Model Year: All 1974 Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks Equipped with 454 cu. in. Engine
Subject: Soft Push Rod Guides
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Number: 74-T-29, Section: VI
Date: May 1, 1974

To: All Chevrolet Dealers

Excessive valve train noise on 1974 models equipped with a 454 cu. in. engine, may be due to soft push rod guides.  Installation of soft push rod guides result in rapid wearing of the push rod guide slot by the push rod.  This allows the push rod to move out of alignment.  A loud ticking noise while the engine is running indicates this condition.

Engines built on the following dates that bear the following identification codes could have been assembled with soft push rod guides.

10/30/74 T 1030
10/31/74 T 1031
11/01/74 T 1101
11/02/74 T 1102
11/05/74 T 1105

The engine identification code appears on the pad at the front, right-hand side of the cylinder block.

In each such encounter is is important that the push rod guides be thoroughly inspected.  visually inspect each guide (8 per engine) for signs of wear.  Check hardness by trying to file each guide on a non-critical area.  Properly heat treated guides will resist filing; soft ones will be easily cut.

Replace any push rod guides that are worn or soft.  Inspect other valve train components for damage caused by soft push rod guides and replace as required.

Chevrolet Motor Division
General Motors Corporation

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