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1970 Corvette: Service News: 1970 Carburetor Linkage and Accelerator Controls

Subject: 1970 Carburetor Linkage and Accelerator Controls
Model and Year: 1970 Chevrolet and Nova
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Date: August, 1970
Pages: 2, 6

The 1970 model Chevrolet and Nova accelerator controls were changed in interim 1970 to cables.  Chevrolet and Nova models throttle linkage adjustments are performed in the same manner as Chevelle.  In addition, other part and assembly sequence clarification and subsequent changes have been made for the 1970 Camaro, Chevelle and Corvette.

For service replacement of 1970 Chevrolet, Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Nova, Camaro, or Corvette accelerator control cables and attachments, refer to the following illustrations.

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