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1963 - 1965 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Air Gaps - Corvette Folding Top-To-Body Panel

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Subject: Air Gaps - Corvette Folding Top-To-Body Panel
Model and Year: 1963 - 1965 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: TSB #1097, Section I
Date:   February 11, 1965


Corvettes, with folding top, may exhibit excessive gaps between rear bow weatherstrip and body panel in right and left rear quarter areas.  These gaps are frequently sufficient to permit objectionable air and water entry and may be encountered on 1963-64 and early 1965 units.

A new weatherstrip which incorporates a seal with 1/4" greater height entered production effective with Serial #S108326.

Field complaints on this condition can be corrected by installation of the new weatherstrip, Part No. 3873761, per attached instructions.

Corvette Convertible Weather Seal Replacement

The rear bow weatherstrip is retained in the bow by the installation of a filler cord which causes the upper bead of the weatherstrip to expand within the retainer channel (Figure 1).

1963 - 1965 Corvette Air Gaps - Top to Body Panel Repair

  1. Remove the weather seal by first removing the filler cord and then pulling the seal from the retainer channel of the bow.
  2. Install the new seal by starting at the middle of the bow and the middle of the seal and work outward in both directions.  The center portion of the seal should be installed dry to anchor the seal while installing the remaining portions.  Apply liquid soap or silicon spray to the top of the seal to aid installation.  Lubricate and work with no more than 12" section of the seal at a time, alternately from right to left side.  CAUTION :  Do not stretch the weatherstrip on installation as this will cause distortion and poor sealing.
  3. Lock the weatherstrip by installing the filler cord.


Part No: 3873761

Quantity:  1

Description:  Weatherstrip, Rear Bow

1963 - 1965 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Air Gaps - Corvette Folding Top-To-Body Panel

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