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1963 - 1967 Corvette: Service News: Corvette Coupe Body Rework for Larger Racing Tires (Rear Wheels)

Subject: Corvette Coupe Body Rework for Larger Racing Tires (Rear Wheels)
Model and Year: 1963 - 1964 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Page Number: 2
Date: August 1964, Volume 36, Issue Number 7

Some owners of 1963 - 1964 Corvettes (model 837) may wish to equip their cars with the wide racing type tires without destroying the appearance of the rear quarter panels.  Due to body clearances, this is possible on closed models only after rework, and not at all on convertibles, because of interferences which occur with the folding top mechanism.

On closed models, adequate wheel travel clearances may be obtained for 7.10-7.60 x 15 tires mounted on RPO P48 Aluminum Knock-off Wheels (6" rim width) by installing the inner wheel housings which are used in Production with the RPO N03 fuel tank of 35 gallon capacity, and by cutting material away in the wheel openings.  These wheel housings are serviced under P/N’s 3794441 and 3794442 for the right and left sides respectively.  On the left side, considerable rework is required to make the larger wheel housings fit under the body rear compartment air exhaust duct.  Individual owners may elect to have the exhaust duct system removed instead of going to the expense of the rework.  If the rework is undertaken, the efficiency of the rear compartment air exhaust system will be decreased because of the reduced duct area just over the wheel housing.

Refer to Figure 2 for details of the installation of the larger wheel housings, the provision of extra clearance between the tire and wheel openings, and the modification of the body rear compartment air exhaust duct.  In those areas where cutting and rebonding of fiberglass is involved, regular shop practices and materials should be used.  The use of the materials show in Group 12,800 of the Chevrolet Parts Catalog is suggested.

1963 - 1964 Corvette Body Rework

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