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1963 Corvette: Inter-Organization Letter: Difficulty in Raising Door Window

Subject:  Difficulty in Raising Door Window
Model and Year: 1963 Corvette A.I. 63.21
Source: Chevrolet Inter-Organization Letter
From: H. A. Bangsberg
Date: May 28, 1963

Difficulty may be encountered in raising door windows on vehicles built prior to march 1, 1963, due to binding of the sash assembly in the glass stop (clip type) which is riveted to the window rear run channel assembly.  In addition, loads necessary to overcome binding of the sash assembly may result in the clip section of the stop bending downward allowing the window to drop below its normal lowered position; rendering it inoperative.

An improved design rear run channel assembly, Part No. 3833307-8, which incorporates a solid type stop that is welded in place, entered production effective March 1, 1963.  Rubber bumper Part No. 3711168 is required to cushion the bottoming of the window assembly.

Complaints of excessive regulator operating effort in early vehicles may be alleviated by installing the second design rear glass run channel, Part No. 3833307-8 and rubber bumper Part No. 3711168 (one per door) as outlined on Page 1-19 of the 1963 Corvette Shop Manual.

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