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1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Difficulty in Raising Door Window

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Source:  Product Service Bulletin, General Motors of Canada
Date: April 30, 1963


Field complaints have been received regarding difficulty in raising the door windows due to binding of the sash assembly in the glass stop. First design window glass stop (clip type) that is rivetted to the window rear run assembly (refer to Fig. 46 - Page 1-21 of Corvette Shop Manual) is failing in that the gusset of the window sash assembly is binding in the glass stop when the window is lowered. Due to this binding, difficulty is encountered in raising the window. There have also been cases when the window was lowered and the gusset made contact with the stop; the clip section of the stop would bend downward allowing the window to drop below its normal lowered position, causing the window regulator to become inoperative.

An improved design rear run assembly, part #3833307-8, which incorporates a new solid type stop that is welded in place has been released and in turn uses a rubber bumper, part #3711168, to cushion the bottoming of the window assembly.

Field complaints in regard to the above can be corrected by installing second design rear glass run assembly, part #3833307-8, as per instructions in Corvette Shop Manual, Page 1-19, together with rubber bumper, part #3711168.

1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Difficulty in Raising Door Window

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