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1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Corvette Convertible Top Protective Shipping Covers

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Subject: Corvette Convertible Top Protective Shipping Covers
Model and Year: 1963 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: DR #592, Section I
Date: May 3, 1963


The St. Louis Assembly Plant is now shipping Corvette Convertible Models with a new improved type spray-on polyurethane protective shipping cover.  As this material cures, it forms a translucent thin plastic film over the fabric top covering to afford the necessary protection.

As this material may tend to adhere to the thread stitching along the edges of the top cover, a solution of soap and water is applied along the stitched edges of the top before the polyurethane is sprayed on.

When removing the protective covering, it is recommended that the film first be broken across the rear roof bow for the entire width of the top.  The material should be lifted at this location and removal in relatively large sections may be accomplished by pulling lightly on the film, aiding the removal by sliding one hand, palm down, under the film to separate it from the top cover.

Removal of that portion of the film between the rear roof bow and the vinyl rear window is accomplished in the same manner, working downward from the roof bow.  The same applies to the sections between the vinyl rear glass and rear quarter glass which is accomplished by working from the top, downward, to the chrome moulding.

Should any particles of the material adhere to the stitching along the edges of the top, these may be removed by lightly scrubbing with a hand scrub brush and a mild soap solution.

It is entirely possible that this new type shipping protection may be used on Corvair Convertible Models in the near future.  Removal procedures will remain the same.

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1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Corvette Convertible Top Protective Shipping Covers

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