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2015 Corvette: Service News: 2015 Corvette Michelin Pilot Cup 2 Tire Tread Pattern

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Date:    2/06/2015    

Ref. number:    Service / Service Operations / G_0000210198
Subject:    2015 Corvette Michelin Pilot Cup 2 Tire Tread Pattern


DATE    February 6, 2015
SUBJECT    2015 Corvette Michelin Pilot Cup 2 Tire Tread Pattern
MODELS    2015 Chevrolet Corvette
TO    Chevrolet Dealers
ATTN    Body Shop Manager, Body Shop Technician, Customer Relations Manager, Dealer, Dealer Principal, General Manager, General Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Internet Sales Person, New Sales Consultant, New Vehicle Sales Manager, Parts & Service Director, Parts Manager, Service Advisor, Service Manager, Service Technician, Warranty Administrator

There has been some confusion over the tire tread design with the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. We have received reports that when the technician is performing the PDI. They report the tires are worn. This is not the case. The Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire is an ultra-high performance sport tire. GM worked with Michelin to develop a Corvette specific Pilot Cup 2 tire. The outer tread block of the tire is smooth and looks different than the tire shown on Michelin’s web site. Please do not compare the tread pattern between Michelin’s web site and the actual tire on the Z06/Z07. A photo of Corvette’s tire tread design is included in this message.

All tires should be inspected during the new vehicle check-in process to assure no damage to the tires have occurred during the shipping process. The tire’s rubber compound is soft and can be damaged during the loading and unloading process if care is not taken. Any damage to the tires during the transportation process should be submitted as a transportation claim and not as a warranty claim.
Since all of the Michelin tires used on all 2014/15 Corvettes are a summer only tire. The rubber used in these tires loses flexibility and may develop surface cracks in the tire tread/shoulder area at colder temperatures. GM recommends that the vehicle not be moved when the outside temperatures falls below -7°C (20°F). Additional information regarding cold weather tire cracking and all the models affected can be found in service bulletin 13-03-10-001B.

Please share this information with all Service and Sales personnel.
Thank you for your cooperation.

2015 Corvette: Service News: 2015 Corvette Michelin Pilot Cup 2 Tire Tread Pattern

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